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    The Place Process

    The process that involves the art of connecting the client's identity with their surroundings through architecture to form a clear concise plan leading to a successful product - place - for the client.

    Collaboration | Clarity | Completion

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    This is the "I" meeting or the introduction of your personal identity to its architectural surroundings. This collaboration of identity and architecture will share, define, and integrate key attributes into a well thought out project design concept.

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    Clarity is the art of illuminating the client's identity. This important part of the process organizes the key concepts from the collaborative work into a well thought-out project plan. These concepts are then solidified to define Quality and Budget levels leading to completion of a professional set of construction documents.

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    This phase is the execution of the construction documents leading to the completion of your architectural project. Place brings four decades of experience and awards to the table to help you reach your project goals. Your project - built as you imagined it.

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    The Place Process -

    The Art of Connection

  • Collaboration


    "The Spark"

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    "Idea Executed Well"

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    "The Product, The Place"